Wednesday, April 26, 2006

SQL maven Joe Celko starts a weblog

Joe Celko photographBlogspot: Joe Celko - The SQL Apprentice

Despite its misleading title, Joe Celko is not actually the apprentice, but he does take SQL questions from them in a blog he started earlier this month on Blogger. As he has been known to say, if you don't know who Joe Celko is, just as any SQL programmer. Hopefully, most of the answers he gives in this blog won't be news to you, but it may still be worth reading for a chuckle or a groan as he attempts to guide new SQL apprentices (smarties to be?) toward a better path. If not for morbid entertainment, the disturbingly ignorant questions, followed by his diligent responses, will at least make for a quick cut-and-paste shortcut when your own SQL programmers inevitably ask you the very same questions.


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