Thursday, June 22, 2006

Generate excellent test data quickly and cheaply

Website: Fake Name Generator

When I saw this site mentioned on BoingBoing, I probably did not have the same initial reaction as most of its readers, who are usually looking for a convenient way to feed gibberish to the countless websites that require some sort of registration. When I saw the Fake Name Generator, I immediately saw a handy way to generate plausible test data for database applications. From the site's main page, you can pull off fake people one at a time for free, or you can buy addresses in bulk for as little as one twentieth of a penny each. Even the credit card numbers it generates pass validation. Since 2000 plausible addresses can be had for only a buck, this service is a compelling alternative to coding your own data generator.


At 8:45 PM, Blogger zulugrid said...

Hope you don't mind, but I added a quote and link to your blog entry from the FAQ page at the Fake Name Generator.

Your entry sums up the main use of the Fake Name Generator (jeez I need a cooler name) perfectly!


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