Wednesday, May 02, 2007

DB2 takes another CODiE!

CODiE winner logoCODiE Website: 2007 CODiE Award Winners

After DB2 9 was announced as a finalist, I honestly thought I had created an alarm to remind me to check on this one, but April 17th uneventfully came and went, which left me ignorant as to who won this year's CODiE for best DBMS. After rousing from my apparent slumber, I was pleased to arrive at the CODiE website and find that DB2 9 took the prize for Best Database Management Solution. I can easily imagine the DB2 gang as they stood tall before that cliquish panel of smirking, dismissive CODiE judge-models, never once yielding under the withering gaze. The pressure of being evaluated by those ladies must have been tremendous indeed, but DB2 clearly had "the guts to be judged".

How sweet it must have been for IBM to triumphantly return to the podium of the CODiE awards banquet (after enjoying the cyber-comedy stylings of Greg Schwem) and pick up DB2's fourth CODiE in just 8 years.

Congratulations, guys, and keep up the good work.



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