Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Latest issue of DB2 Magazine emerges at IDUG

DB2 magazine coverDB2 Magazine: Volume 12 Issue 1

I was wondering where DB2 Magazine was hiding this year, only to find it waiting for me here at the IDUG conference in San Jose. The cover caption, "Escaping Information Anarchy", points to Mark Leon's article, which offers a bit of a reality check for organizations working toward data governance. Features by Scott Hayes and Stuart Litel round out the trio for this issue. On the z/OS side, if you've ever wondered what the new face of the mainframe will be, her picture appears in this issue's Dream Job section, and her name is Kristine Harper.

You may have noticed that you've never paid for an issue of DB2 Magazine, which means that someone else has. If DB2 magazine is helpful to you and you'd like it to continue to exist as a free publication, please drop a line to editor Kim Moutsos and tell her how her magazine helps you with your job.



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