Thursday, May 31, 2007

Three days left to respond to IDUG's call for volunteers

VolunteerIDUG website: Become an IDUG Volunteer

If, for whatever reason, attending an IDUG conference has motivated you to find out more about helping them as a volunteer for 2007-2008, here's your chance. As mentioned in the Call For Volunteers breakfast at IDUG's recent conference in San Jose, IDUG has posted a Word/OpenOffice application form on the IDUG website.

The impending deadline of June 4, 2007 means it's now put up or shut up time. All those ideas you've had on how to improve the yearly conference have a much better chance of being realized if you become a part of the NACPC or one of the other IDUG committees.

Good luck!

...and thanks to Tim Parkinson for the nifty photo.



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