Saturday, October 06, 2007

Grab a sneak peek at next week's IOD2007 slides

IBM Information On Demand 2007 website: Download Conference Presentations

With IOD 2007 just days away, you've either reserved your seat in all the sessions you plan to attend, or you're the gambling type who's counting on a week of lucky breaks to get yourself into some very crowded rooms. No matter which path you've chosen, registered attendees now have access to advance copies of the slides for many IOD sessions. Just sign on to this site and you can start evaluating your choices. The downside is that the PDF files don't contain any of the speaker's typed notes, so they're not a very good substitute for attending the sessions in person.

By getting a head start on these sessions, you'll be saving yourself from the chore of looking through the conference DVD the night of the opening reception, resulting in more time for drinking. You're welcome!



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