Monday, October 15, 2007

New releases of DB2 software and DB2 magazine greet IOD attendees

DB2 Magazine: Volume 12, Issue 3

With Web 2.0 and mashups gaining traction as a compelling way to rapidly develop specialized database applications, it was only a matter of time before it hit the pages of DB2 Magazine. The cover story features IBM Web 2.0 expert (and PlanetDB2 blog buddy) Anant Jhingran, who describes how building a data services layer he calls Info 2.0 is essential to enabling Web 2.0 developers to build exciting services that all the cool kids will want to use.

DB2 Magazine's IDUG columnist, DB2 Gold Consultant Dave Buelke, writes about the environmental benefits of running just thirty z/OS mainframes instead of over 4,000 traditional servers. In the past couple years, this topic has resonated with me often because I keep running into database professionals who mention that their companies are moving to the mainframe mostly for environmental reasons. When you can pack that much computing power into a smaller building with less cooling equipment and only consume a fifth as much electricity, it becomes a strong selling point.

Here at IOD, Monday morning kicked off with a multi-part spectacle of noise and color, but many of us DB2 folks were just as impressed with Ambuj Goyal's announcement of DB2 9.5, which, after months of beta testing, is scheduled for GA release on Halloween. Its new thread-based architecture, sophisticated workload management controls embedded right in the engine, and malleable XML documents should result in a quick adoption of this powerful DBMS.

There's simply too much going on at IOD right now, but I hope to grab some time to describe more of it later this week.

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