Wednesday, March 28, 2007

IDUG NA 2007 sessions available in various calendar formats

The deadline has passed for various discounts for IDUG 2007 North America in San Jose, so you're either registered already, or working harder than ever to justify the trip to a PHB. In either case, I've put together a calendar of the conference's 182 technical sessions to help you decide how to spend each day. There are 14 separate discussion threads/tracks, so rather than lump them all together into an unreadable stew, they are grouped by thread, allowing you to focus on just the areas that are relevant to you.

Now for the caveats. There are no rooms listed for the sessions, since that information can change anywhere from six weeks to six minutes before the presentation is scheduled to start. I did not put in links to the details of the sessions, nor did I specify whether a session was for z/OS or LUW, which can be a bit of a problem for threads that cover multiple platforms. Although the information was supplied by one of my IDUG friends, it is subject to change without notice.

If you find this helpful and you have not registered yet, please list me, your humble blog buddy Fred Sobotka, as a referrer on your IDUG conference registration form.

Thread A
DB2 Technology Fundamentals

Thread B
DB2 for z/OS

Thread C
DB2 for z/OS Cutting Edge

Thread D
DB2 for LUW

Thread E
DB2 for LUW Cutting Edge

Thread F
Application Development I

Thread G
Application Development II

Thread H
Emerging Database Technologies I

Thread I
Emerging Database Technologies II

Thread J
Technical Product Presentations

Thread K
Informix for DBAs

Thread L
Informix for Application Developers

Thread M
The Informix Edge

Thread N
Going Further with Informix