Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Viper 2 open beta about to hatch

developerWorks: DB2 Viper 2 Open Beta forum for Linux, UNIX and Windows

If you're at all curious about the details of the next release of DB2, there is currently no better place to watch for clues than this forum on IBM developerWorks. After three months in closed beta, Viper 2 is now ready for testing and evaluation by a much larger community of users, including you.

Thanks for the swanky photo, yausser!


Sunday, June 03, 2007

Fake Name Generator is cheaper than ever

Website: Fake Name Generator

When I first blogged about this last year, the service was hosted behind an electronics vendor's website, and it only allowed you to generate one fake identity at a time for free (but a batch of 2000 cost only a buck). Since then, the site's creator has made several improvements, including a very generous extension to the free portion of the service. Users may now request a batch of up to 40,000 identities for free and receive the resulting data in about two days (at least until we all start hammering the site for freebies). Since you're allowed to have up to three of those free batch requests queued up, you're actually able to receive up to 120,000 names in fairly short order. Theoretically, you could submit more free requests later on, as long as you have no more than three requests in their queue at the same time. If you absolutely cannot wait the two days for a batch to turn around, you can expedite your request for as little as ten bucks. Considering that each batch of 40,000 names used to cost US$20 under the old pricing, this upgrade is easy to appreciate.

ObDB2: Having 40,000 (or more) rows of decent-looking (but utterly fake) customer data to load into your database can really simplify application testing. The names are realistic, so your test users won't be complaining about screens full of gibberish, and the uniqueness of each record means you can leave your constraints in place. The folks behind this valuable service have truly cracked the problem to the point that you probably have no business attempting to generate your own dummy customer data anymore. In fact, I may send them a little money just for the time they've saved me so far.

Totally sweet photo courtesy of Andrea Harner

XMLSpy gets its DB2 on

XMLSpy logoAltova tools for working with IBM DB2 9 pureXML

I'm not very involved with XML these days, so I have to thank my buddy David for bringing this exciting story to my attention.

On May 30th, 2007, Altova announced the introduction of DB2 9 pureXML support in several of their products, including XMLSpy, the gold standard for XML modeling and development software. Starting with Version 2007 Release 3 (v2007r3), XMLSpy, MapForce, StyleVision, and DatabaseSpy will recognize the pureXML features of DB2 9. Even Altova's no-cost XML forms utility, Authentic, is now integrated with pureXML content in DB2.

If you're working with any amount of XML data, regardless of whether or not it's being handled by pureXML, there's probably an Altova product that can help you, so do yourself a favor and make some time to play with a free 30-day trial version.